Saturday, September 11, 2010

the basics.. getting the right.

Since the last few posts, I took a few pics of the nursery to post on here to show the progress and where I want to take the room, but when I looked at the photos it became really obvious that I could ignore the gross carpet no more! The time has come to rip it up and replace it. Its just really hard to work on decorating a space when you don't have the basics right!  You find yourself constantly trying to find a way of either disguising the hideous thing or struggle to find a way to somehow incorporate it into a look you kinda like.  So far my attempt has been to do the first - hide it under a big white shaggy rug! and I must be truthful the attempt has been pretty lame and unfortunately the carpet still stands out like crazy!

I think its really important to get the basics right before layering on top! (and so my argument went when discussing the importance of new carpet with my husband the last few days) Quietly I think i've won the discussion.. and fingers crossed I think new carpet might just be on the cards Yippee!!!

I've looked a lot over the last few months at choices available and ummed and rrrrr'd about whether to go a darker charcoal or dark beige, or a light colour, texture or patterned... but I keep coming back to something very basic and very neutral. Mostly because my taste and style choices seem to change as quickly as my undies!  Its not uncommon for me to love blue one day then orange the next! Also it seems that unless you have an endless supply of cash to change your room as often as your taste changes, then its better to stick with a really neutral carpet like the below.

Here's a couple of pics of some neutral carpets that I think work well with several different styles and in different rooms  (PS How cute is the kids room below! I love it!)

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  1. So glad to see you've sorted out all your pictures, the blog looks great! And I emphatically agree that getting the basics right is paramount! I have learned so much with our first house, that would be lots of changes if I could do it again. I'm excited for you guys getting new carpet- YAY!!