Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Latest obsession..

12 weeks ago my husband and I welcomed our first little bubby into the world, a gorgeous little bundle of joy we named Georgia Vera.. She is absolutely adorable and has definately brought a new level of joy into our little family.

Of course with her new arrival came the exciting excuse for being able to decorate another room! Yay! a nursery!!!

Unfortunately however, this new exciting task has come with a multitude of limitations - 1. a teeny tiny budget (because i'm on maternity leave), 2, gross blue carpet that I cant afford to replace yet and 3, living in brisbane where access to great furniture and bedding and accessories don't exist..

I am excited by the challenge and figure that I will have to decorate it slowly as I find things that I love and that fit within my budget.

My inspiration:

I decided pretty early on that I wasn't a fan of the typical nursery design that everyone seems to be forced to go towards (because they don't sell anything else in the baby shops unless you're a millionaire).. you know the ones.. the country style matchy matchy ones where the bed spread matches the nappy sack which matches the sheets, bumper sides, floor mat, canvas print, pillows etc.. where most of the time they are either really washed out subdued colours or sickly sweet shades of pink and lavender.

I like nurseries that have a bit of interest, I don't particularly favour modern or classic, infact I prefer an infusion of both to be honest.. The most important thing for me is that the room feels warm comfortable and inviting.. and of course looks great!

Here are a couple I love that I found on various sites and blogs I subscribe to

(Micassid or - found on flickr)
I love the vintage feel to this room, and the bright colours! Gorgeous. I love that its not typically girly either.. This inspired me with my linen selection. I've gone towards a more vintage feel featuring brown and pink tones.. If only I could find a cot with as much character as this one! I would snatch it up in a heart beat!

Now although this is super modern, I loooove that it is not you're typical babyish nursery. Its funky and fun with bright pops of colour, but still manages to maintain a calmness through the wall colours, lighting and neutral toned carpet.

I love the bling factor with this room. While it is waaaay too OTT for me, i still love the details in the dresser, monogrammed pillows and I love the colour. This picture is what inspired me to actually use the sickly bright pink that up until now I have hated.. oh how things change :-)

Ill post some pics soon of how my nursery turned out.

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  1. HI!!! I can't believe we finally connect through blogger-land! I see you are on my readers list! Love it! CONGRATS on the baby! Love the name, cannot wait to get pics! That is a must!