Thursday, September 9, 2010

More blue/grey pics that I love to help convince myself that im making the right decision :-)

Further to my post yesterday about wanting to go are some other great images i've fallen in love with that are convincing me that I should definitely go for it!  

I think the blue is really calming and fresh in these photos. Now thats it's officially spring and will very soon be summer I really want to inject more of a fresh happy colour like this into our home. I also love how white pops out against the blue. 

(Images from Decor pad)

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  1. i love the blue/grey look too. There is a really nice feel to it. There are some pages in the current home beautiful with it in a kithen and it looks great. the pictures help to show that alot of different colours work with blue- that i wouldn't have thought did. Cassandra