Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I heart Art

I heart Art! In particular I love abstract art ... Im not fussed on who the artist is, or even what it is meant to represent. I just love falling in love with a piece of art, and enjoying the energy and mystery of a painting. I find it fascinating that I can be drawn in (no pun intended) to what is really just a squiggle on a page - something seemingly simple and basic to create. But for anyone out there who has actually attempted to create a supposedly effortless looking piece of abstract art, its actually alot harder to create than you'd imagine! I've had many an attempt and come up looking like a real amateur (and I even did 6 months of art school so I pride myself on having at least some kind of talent! :-) Obviously not talented enough to create one!

I love art to be displayed in places where it has the space to breathe and be appreciated. Which is probably why I don't have any hanging in my house! I don't have the space for a piece that I would want to display. I think it would feel a bit sacrilegious cramming it up against my baby high chair or behind a door (yes probably the only space left here)

I've noticed a few over the past few days that I just love. In particular I love the black and white pieces (although I just realised or at least think that one of them might be a sketch of batman (lol) does anyone else see that?).

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