Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY Blackboard

I took these pics a while back to show you how I created a useful blackboard in my kitchen. It was really simple and easy to do. And I just love it! We use it mainly for the shopping list or to write little notes to each other.

 Here are a few pics showing the steps to creating it.. (sorry the house looks a shamble in these pics - opps!)

1. Decide the best position and measure up the area you want to cover.

2. Purchase skirting board, and measure and cut to length using a mitre box and saw. Paint skirting board pieces in desired colour. 

The mitre box gives you perfect angles so that all the pieces fit together perfectly. Trust me you don't want to try and create the angles yourself any other way. You can purchase the mitre box and saw together in a pack for about $14 from Bunnings. Bargain I say! Takes all the stress out of it!

3. Purchase special blackboard paint from Bunnings (about $10) and paint within the measured areas. Allow to dry, and repeat with another 2 coats. 

3. I measured and painted the area before nailing the white trim to the wall

4. The finished product! (sorry about the towel in the photo).  

It's not just how I dress..

I don't normally drool over clothes (well no more than any other girl), but for some reason this gorgeous outfit caught my attention. Maybe it's because it is exactly what I would wear or would love to wear. Or because i'm desperately missing having a corporate wardrobe and having a reason to dress up every day (a gym outfit or mum jeans just don't cut it), but whatever the reason I love how feminine and classic it is. Its flirty and elegant. Just gorgeous!

Looking at this picture I realised that I actually love a similar style of furnishing, classic, feminine, elegant. I find it intriguing the clothes I love, marry so closely to how I would furnish my house! On that note - I've finally determined what my decorating style is - eclectic elegant (but more on that another time).

Is it just me or is this the same for everybody?? Do you decorate how you dress? Do you like to dress vintage, and love to decorate vintage also? Or do you like a very comfortable relaxed home and also approach dress like this?  I love the idea that my dress and furnishings in my house reflects my personality. What does your house say about you?

Below are a few photos I found today that I think reflect my style. Black, white and only a minor splash of colour here and there..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love these!

Todays post is just a random collection of gorgeous pics I loved this week.  My favourite of all the pics is the gorgeous blue couch! Isn't it beautiful?!

Monday, March 14, 2011

yummy orange!

I have been sooo preoccupied lately with my teething baby that i've barely had time to think let alone write on here.. I have so many ideas on what I want to write and gorgeous pictures i've collected to share.. I just havent had the time to post them!  Here are a few just to keep you going..

. Look at these beautiful photos!!  Which is your fav pic.. they are all so gorgeous its hard for me to decide!