Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY Blackboard

I took these pics a while back to show you how I created a useful blackboard in my kitchen. It was really simple and easy to do. And I just love it! We use it mainly for the shopping list or to write little notes to each other.

 Here are a few pics showing the steps to creating it.. (sorry the house looks a shamble in these pics - opps!)

1. Decide the best position and measure up the area you want to cover.

2. Purchase skirting board, and measure and cut to length using a mitre box and saw. Paint skirting board pieces in desired colour. 

The mitre box gives you perfect angles so that all the pieces fit together perfectly. Trust me you don't want to try and create the angles yourself any other way. You can purchase the mitre box and saw together in a pack for about $14 from Bunnings. Bargain I say! Takes all the stress out of it!

3. Purchase special blackboard paint from Bunnings (about $10) and paint within the measured areas. Allow to dry, and repeat with another 2 coats. 

3. I measured and painted the area before nailing the white trim to the wall

4. The finished product! (sorry about the towel in the photo).  


  1. Cute cute!! Love it. What a darling house you guys have!

  2. awesome idea!!! and gorgeous house...i want to see more pics of it!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment today.
    AND I love the name of your blog .. combining both loves of mine - interiors AND chocolate.

    Oh, and if only you still had a pic of your 'sea theme' room .. that would be fun wouldn't it.

    Love your blog too - congrats on starting. I look forward to seeing more (-:

  4. Wow! I always toyed with the idea of putting a blackboard in our kitchen too...
    I didn't know it is that easy, or at least you made it look so easy ♥

  5. This looks great!!! I was just telling my sister she needs to do this in her kitchen...I'll send her over to your blog for the instructions. Thanks for your comment on my blog! You're probably right about the tin foil- haha!

  6. I think thats brilliant - and looks fairly easy to do/or you made it looks so. Also good for you starting your own blog - I love it and will be your newest follower - hope you come see me sometime, maybe you'll follow me back :)
    A xx

  7. wow! love this - you did an amazing job! thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comment on my post last thurs:) xoxo - julie

  8. I just awarded you the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. Please hop over to my blog to claim your prize. :)

    Have a great weekend!