Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's not just how I dress..

I don't normally drool over clothes (well no more than any other girl), but for some reason this gorgeous outfit caught my attention. Maybe it's because it is exactly what I would wear or would love to wear. Or because i'm desperately missing having a corporate wardrobe and having a reason to dress up every day (a gym outfit or mum jeans just don't cut it), but whatever the reason I love how feminine and classic it is. Its flirty and elegant. Just gorgeous!

Looking at this picture I realised that I actually love a similar style of furnishing, classic, feminine, elegant. I find it intriguing the clothes I love, marry so closely to how I would furnish my house! On that note - I've finally determined what my decorating style is - eclectic elegant (but more on that another time).

Is it just me or is this the same for everybody?? Do you decorate how you dress? Do you like to dress vintage, and love to decorate vintage also? Or do you like a very comfortable relaxed home and also approach dress like this?  I love the idea that my dress and furnishings in my house reflects my personality. What does your house say about you?

Below are a few photos I found today that I think reflect my style. Black, white and only a minor splash of colour here and there..


  1. Gorgeous images...thanks for reading my blog...hope you win the giveaway!

  2. Yep, I think you are spot on. I reckon people's clothes are a clue as to what their ideal house would be ~ even if sometimes they don't reflect what their current house actually is.

  3. So i remembered who designed the dress - Kelly Wearstler! Gorgeous isnt it?!

  4. Regarding your question whether we decorate the same way we dress...after some pondering, I would say the answer is yes. (for myself, not sure about others)

    For instance, I love classic outfits with simple lines yet with modern and interesting details/ color. I guess I use the same approach when it comes to decorating my home too without me even realizing it. In my living room, I have a white button-turfed mid-century style sofa with man made leather with chrome legs and colorful decorative pillows.

    Button-turfed= Details
    Mid-century style= Classic with simple lines
    Decorative pillows= Modern and colorful

    I guess I just prove my case! Hahaha! :) By the way, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I will follow your beautiful blog from now onwards so keep the pretty pictures coming! :)