Friday, April 29, 2011


So I have a dilemma. I need a new rug, and need one fast. Admittedly its a dilemma I love. I do love rugs, and how they pull a room together. Last weekend,  Miss G (my almost 1 year old) accidentally knocked a drink over onto our "white" rug ruining its chances of repair. It was at the end of its day anyway- so secretly i'm happy..

So the dilemma is.. where do I find a nice rug in Brisbane (Australia)??!! That doesn't blow the budget, isn't the stock standard rug you get from the local Rugs a Million, is practical for kids, and still stylish? Tough gig right?  It seems everywhere I turn all that is available is the same old rugs.. the standard size shag rug in all shades of latte and brown, or funky purple out of this world acrylic textured disco rugs,  or those super funky stripy apparently "modern" acrylic or wool rugs. Sooooo boring! and sooo ugly! So of course I keep seeing lots of gorgeous affordable options on American blogs and am drooling and wishing we had the same options here. :-( The reason for the rush purchase is that its absolutely freezing (ok I will warn you - I am a frog - its 23 degree's Celsius, but to me thats freezing!), and my poor little bubby who is not yet walking is crawling around on hard wood floors shivering (ok i might be exaggerating) from the cold :-)

So here are a few pics of rugs I like the look of. Keep in mind they are all different, I cant decide which type I should look for..  What do you think?

For some reason I really love this space. Its very inviting. The colours aren't normally what I would be attracted to, but it is very inviting. I could imagine sitting and chatting here for hours. I love the way the rug pulls the room together to create the cosy space.

When choosing a rug, its often thought that the rug should be large enough to stretch just under the front of the chairs / lounge suits. However in this instance, I love that the rug is more of a feature. While i'm actually quite over the shag pile look, there is something gorgeous and glamourous about this one. A friend forwarded this one to me when I was questioning which way to go with it. I must say it is my favourite picture. I think being round and plush makes this rug a dramatic statement and a real feature in this room.

Now with practicality in mind (since we are talking about an almost 1 year old crawling and getting up to mischief on this rug daily, this rug is probably more suited. What do you think. Should I go a practical option? Or stuff it and go glamourous? And just watch her like a hawk all day?

4. The last option, is a coloured rug. Simple and plain, but it is coloured. Meaning I am committing to a colour for most likely 4 years (thats about on average how long I have to keep our rugs in order to keep my husband happy :-)

I'd love your opinions here :-)  Im really unsure at this point.

Chelsea xo

Images from elle decor, decor pad, lonny magazine.


  1. Just found your blog right now, when I'm really heading off to work :p but thought I'd let you know that I was here and that I can't wait to start reading your posts when I get home this afternoon! xxx -your newest follower :)

  2. Oh yay! Thanks Trine! Welcome! I have a million more posts sitting waiting to be uploaded too :-)