Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gorgeous bathrooms

Not sure about all you other bloggers out there, but I find that I have sooo much info that I want to share and honestly don't even know where to start!

Today I thought id share some of the gorgeous bathroom pics i've collected over the last little while. They are absolutely stunning. I really love the use of wallpaper in these bathrooms - I especially love the first one - the Zebras.  Anyone brave enough to wallpaper their bathroom / powderoom?

Images sourced from decorpad.com, elle decor.com, and various other blogs and sources.  


  1. Truly gorgeous bathrooms. I adore the bathroom with the doggie wallpaper. It's so whimsical and charming. I would install wallpaper in every room if they were not so expensive.


  2. I agree Jessie, I would wallpaper everything in a heartbeat if I knew that I would love it for years to come or could afford to have it taken down and replaced whenever I fell in love with something else :-)