Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In awe...

Anyone else in love with Kelly Wearstler's work?  She is amazing! I am in awe!  I've often thought that I would love to work with commercial spaces in particular hotel lobbys and offices, and think that what Kelly produces is just gorgeous. I love her use of colour, texture and pattern and that her spaces are uniquely hers.

She doesn't appear to necessarily follow the latest trends by using the "now" patterns for eg chevron or trellis etc, but instead works with patterns and textures that will last beyond one or two seasons and outlive the trends. I think it takes alot more talent to produce work like this rather than follow whats hot right now and put a couple of the latest cushions on the couch. I aspire to be able to design like her and create timeless and interesting looks.  What do you think of her work?

Here are a few of her mood boards. I could look at these for hours and dissect each little piece!

Here are a few of her commercial and residential works. You can see more on her website at www.kellywearstler.com


  1. I love it - amazing work. Never heard of her, but I love what she does. Very chic - wish I was an interior designer :O)

  2. Hi Chelsea, great blog, really cool! Hey I follow a couple cool blog I noticed you didnt have written: apartementtherapy.com and younghouselove.com. These are my favourites!
    Keep blogging and good luck with your degree!!
    xo Steph

  3. Kelly Wearstler is one of my favorite designers, too! Her work is so bold and fearless, classic and chic. I also did a post about her earlier. Check this out:



  4. Oh I love Kelly Wearstler and I so agree that her style is timeless, I too get tired sometimes of seeing the same "trends" over and over again in decorating.... Just discovered your lovely blog. Thanks for adding me to your blog list :)

  5. I think I'm 'fashion-challenged'. I don't get it. I can't dress myself or decorate my house! I need help! Come to Idaho and help me!!! Haha!

  6. Very cool! A lot of it is too colorful for my personal taste but it's so cool to look at. I'd love to stay in a hotel that was decorated this way. I too am a big fan of "classic" looks that won't go out of style. For inexpensive things I think it's great to follow the trends, but for the things that are more permanent (especially a home's design- flooring, cabinets, etc-) I think it's smartest to go with what is classic and isn't going to be out in five minutes.

  7. Amazing that it's a little bit messy and imperfect but still manages to look fabulous! It looks effortless! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

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    x anastasia

  9. Hi there, Just found you via Decor is like Butter - we're both recipients of the Stylish Blog Award. B the way, love that zebra bathroom in one of your recent posts!