Thursday, May 5, 2011

Couple of personal pics

A few people have asked how the triathlon went the other day. Well im happy to report .. I SURVIVED! ha ha.. that was the main aim of this first one. But seriously I AM ADDICTED! The race was soo much fun! It was a real mixed bag of competitors which made me relax a little. Id say the swim leg was the hardest as the water was dark and a bit creepy, and it was more of a fight than a swim - people kicking and swimming over each other.. but it added to the fun of it :-)

The Triathlon was at Southport on the Gold Coast (Thats in Queensland Australia for any overseas readers). The swim was in the ocean, and the run and bike legs were along the esplanade). It was a gorgeous day for it and i'm happy to report that ill definitely be in for the next one! I am now absolutely hanging out for the next lot of races, but unfortunately they aren't until October :-(

Unfortunately my husband was busy wrestling with our bub during the race (babies are fun like that) and didn't get to take the action shots I wanted during the swim, bike and leg runs :-( But here are a couple of shots taken after the race.

This shot is with my friend Anthea who is the one that introduced me to competing (Im the one in the black top)

Also I couldn't resist but post this pic. My brother in law is a photographer and took this great shot of my little girl this past weekend.  I love that she's grabbing her toes and pulling her usual tanty face..

Have a good weekend everyone! Happy Friday!

Chelsea xo


    (note: that deserved caps)

    You even look happy after the big effort.
    Really excited for you.

  2. Well done, Chelsea. I love the last picture with you and the baby. She is such an adorable girl and I just love her expression. Maybe you should enlarge this picture and display it in your home somewhere. Aww, she is such a darling.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


  3. Congrats! That must have been exciting! Would love to be able to do something like that but I'm a hopeless runner. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Loving this photo of you and your baby girl. It's a keeper!

    And highly impressed on the sporting prowess too!

  5. A beautiful photo of you and your daughter....such a treasure! Ax

  6. A belated congratulations Chelsea!!! Well done on the big marathon. Always love seeing pics of you and your gorgeous bundle of joy! Hope all's well xx