Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Designer crush - Kelly Hoppen

Now im sure she's been written about a hundred times before. She has been around for a long time, but I just cant get over my crush! Yep, i'm crushing on designer Kelly Hoppen lately! Kelly's style is the style that I am personally drawn to and am slowly (with my limited budget) trying to move towards. Her rooms are timeless.  She manages to create elegant, sophisticated spaces that somehow manage to maintain a certain level of masculinity which I love.

Kelly's spaces often feature neutral colour palettes combined with clean lines, soft feminine touches, small splashes of colour, and a mix of new and old feature pieces. I think this combination not only makes the interiors inviting, but interesting.

I just finished watching her new show 'Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen'.  Its definitely worth a watch. During one of the episodes Kelly said that she tries to create spaces that allow her clients to feel how they want to feel when in the room, i.e. relaxed and comfortable. Rather than just making a pretty space.

She has a range of fabulous books on offer.  Im desperate to get my hands on her latest book 'Interiors' which came out earlier this year.  You can buy it here:

Here's a few of her gorgeous rooms for you to swoon and drool over. Enjoy :-)

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  1. I like her designs, too. In fact, I have saved it in my files last week so I can feature her in the future. See? I told you we have very similar tastes. Love the rooms you picked, by the way!


  2. GORGEOUS! Her rooms are stunning, I would move right on into any of them!

    Thanks for sharing- Just found your blog, so glad I did! I love the name of your blog, it makes me happy :-)