Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Modern art - why does it look so easy to do but is soo hard to create?!

Lately i've been trying to create a simple piece of modern artwork for my living and or dining room. So far all attempts have failed MISERABLY! I cannot even begin to explain my frustration. I mean seriously .. how hard can it honestly be to create a modern piece of art work? I definitely have even more respect now for artists. Its amazing how they make it LOOK so easy and like they just swept their brush over the canvas once or twice without any thought (and whats my luck is that they probably did do it like that, but oozed so much natural talent in this area that it is impossible to replicate).  Anyway, Im determined to give it at least another few attempts before packing it in and just buying something that I love. There are plenty of gorgeous artworks around so i'm sure I wont have a problem finding something. Here are a few I love:

Not sure on the artist. Found this image through google.com

Manuscrit Rug (2003)

whenever I see this painting I think that its a private letter or love not written to someone special or the lyrics to a song with personal significance. I love this idea! And how "simple"it is!

Steven Womack 


Jamie Shelman

Jeff Depner

Leanne Shapton

Michell Armas

Sally King Benedict

Now I promise if I am lucky enough to actually manage to create something anywhere as amazing as these I will post for all to see. :-) Happy new year everyone!

C xo